"On a bad day, there's always lipstick." -Audrey Hepburn

Every morning when I pull into the parking lot at work, I open my purse and pull out a makeup bag full of lipsticks. I have reds, pinks, purples, dark moody colors, bright summery colors, mattes, lipgloss, and the trusty cherry Chapstick. On good days, bad days, rainy, sunny, hot, cold, the act of choosing and putting on a lipstick (though some days it's just lip balm) makes me feel more myself then I did when I first arrived to work. This small routine puts a smile on my face, reminds me of all the women in my family (that also have similar morning routines), and somehow gives me that slight extra boost to feel ready for the day and feel most ME. Lipstick is a simple cosmetic item that has a unique ability to elevate all types of women no matter your age, race, or beliefs. We can wear the same color and same brand of lipstick, yet it can be completely different and celebrates each of our individuality.  Now you are probably thinking, but I don't wear lipstick. That's great! But what is your lipstick? Maybe it's a favorite concert shirt, a knitted winter hat, your running sneakers, a killer black heel? Whatever makes you feel more YOU is why we are here. You are uniquely you and this community is here to celebrate all that is YOU and give you the support you might be looking for.  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To bring together a community of women of all ages, races, and beliefs to find support, compassion, empowerment and love in all aspects of their lives. 


Our Vision

To extend each women's tribe/squad/sisterhood by providing an online space to have vulnerable conversations. This is a community for all women in all aspects of their lives.

I have been blessed throughout my life to be surrounded and supported by fierce, strong, independent women. I grew up in a large Hispanic matriarchal family and to say the least I have had a lot of female role models that have aided in molding the woman I am today. Your Morning Lipstick is an outlet I envision women will turn to to find that additional support and compassion. I believe as women we are incredibly strong together.  I want to provide a safe open space to bring women of all diverse background together to support and empower one another. 

Amanda Olivo, Founder 

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