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3 Lipsticks for Hispanic Heritage Month

Us Latinx women know bold lipstick colors! Here are my top 3 lipsticks to win Hispanic Heritage Month! (hint: red is OUR shade!)

"Besos" by Stila

Congress has not been the same since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex hit the political floors. Often referred to by her initials, AOC, gave this lipstick color a cult following after revealing it was her "go-to" red lipstick shade! And lets be honest, she definitely needs something that will last all-day to tackle her job. Besos is a true red matte liquid lipstick formula designed to stay put on your longest days without leaving your lips dry like the Sahara. If it works for AOC it absolutely tops the list for Hispanic Heritage shades to slay. After all, I love me a girl that rocks a red lip and hoops regularly!

MAC Viva Glam 26

Hello, do you know me? I am obviously going to put a MAC lipstick on this list! MAC has just released a NEW Viva Glam in celebration of 26 years of the lipstick that gives back. This bright-orangey red is sure to become a new fiery favorite and with Rosaliná starring as the new face of the Viva Glam brand this HAD to make the Hispanic Heritage Month list! Be sure to grab yours ASAP as this is a limited edition shade.

"Carmen" by Nars

Another cult favorite, Carmen is a new lipstick to my collection. (I have no idea what number I am up to, but it is A LOT) This is a true red lipstick with a hint of orange, or as NARs likes to describe it a geranium red. This lipstick goes on easy with lots of pigment, but be warned while it is hydrating due to the passion fruit oil in the formula, this lipstick does move around a bit under a mask. Run over to Sephora because this lipstick is on sale in a trio for $40. SUCH A DEAL!

As a fiesty Latinx from New York I love a red lip and these three lipsticks will hands down make you feel like dancing to some salsa or merengue while rocking some gold hoops.

What lipstick are you wearing for Hispanic Heritage Month?

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