• Amanda Olivo

A Letter to Our Community

Dear Lipstick Squad,

The events of the past few weeks have effected all of us in one way or another. The murder of George Floyd and injustices faced by the Black community can no longer be tolerated. The time to band together to support our Black sisters and brothers is imperative to the safety, protection, and survival of the Black community and us has a human race. The time to be the light and the change our world needs is now. The time to take action and use our collective voices for change is now. Silence is no longer an option.

I started Your Morning Lipstick because I wanted to lift up the voices of women of all ages, races, beliefs, and backgrounds. To build a community for women to find connections, understanding, and compassion -- to support one another, as women, continues to be our driving factor and vital to current and future successes.

I have committed to lifting up diverse experiences of all women with this community. I know I can do even better. I will work to grow YML to a place in which all women can see themselves reflected and champion our diverse unique experiences and accomplishments. Your Morning Lipstick is a safe space for all women- Black, White, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, LBTQ+, etc. We each have power in our unique stories, but together we have endless strength and are a formidable unstoppable force.

Uncomfortable conversations are the open door to understanding each other experiences. Let us talk, understand, and be the change the world needs.

Stay #lipstickstrong

With love,


Founder of Your Morning Lipstick

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