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Kicking Frustration

Overcoming our daily frustrations

Earlier this week I asked our community, "how do you deal with a frustrating day?" I have been taking on a great deal this year personally and professionally, working to make BIG things happen for myself. While I typically handle every day stresses well, I received some disappointing news on Tuesday and it just completely threw me off my platform. I was frustrated and resisting all my negative feelings about myself that were swelling up. Thinking I wasn't capable enough in my career, don't have the right qualifications to move forward, overthinking that maybe I need more degrees or certificates, just all of it. I allowed a single piece of news (that I was also expecting) rule me. It sucked. I felt like I was alone fighting a battle that I wasn't going to win anytime soon.

So I reached out. To my family, my coach, to all of you in this community.

And you all delivered!

I needed to reevaluate. Come out of my head and take a second to understand what really happened and how I was really feeling and why. I embraced the feelings I was having about my news. I let myself just feel frustrated, but also accepted that this was not even an obstacle I needed to climb over. This news overall really was just nothing. I talked it out. I went to the gym and ate a yummy dinner. I moved on because it was nothing.

Next time you feel frustrated or in a place that you are beating yourself up try using some of the tips below to help you through your situation and also remember that there is a kick butt group of women waiting to give you the support you need!

1. Get your sweat on!

2. Dance it out.

3. Pause, Pray, Ponder, Proceed. (the 4Ps)

4. Breathe or Meditate

5. Comfort food or a glass of wine (or both!)

6. Long bath (with oils, bath bombs, epsom salts, etc)

7. Write our your feelings and thoughts. Read it back. Let it go.

8. Gratitude journaling

9. Ask yourself is this a frustrating situation over a frustrating day?

10. Reach out to your squad and Your Morning Lipstick community!

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