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March Feature Lily Belcak: Podcast Host of "Stilettos on the Ground"

Lily Belcak is the host of podcast "Stilettos on the Ground" a bi-weekly podcast that celebrates ordinary women and their extraordinary stories. She is physical therapist who know works in the healthcare technology industry and considers herself an true optimist and cheerleader for all! I am overjoyed to have this champion of women's stories and journeys as our feature for #WomensHistoryMonth!

AO: What motivated you to start Stilettos on the Ground?

LB: I started my podcast, Stilettos on the Ground, because I wanted to give everyday women a platform to tell their stories. I have always believed that seemingly “ordinary” women are actually extraordinary. However, we don’t often celebrate these women because media and pop culture typically only highlight women who are famous or who have already “made it”. With Stilettos on the Ground, I try to show that there is so much inspiration all around us. The women in our daily lives have so much to teach us - just ask them! It’s also my hope that celebrating these women will encourage all women to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. When women support each other, we go so much further!

AO: What have you learned from other women since starting your podcast? What have you learned about yourself?

LB: The women on my podcast have taught me so much and each one of them has truly made me a better person.

But if I had to pick the #1 thing I have learned from them, I would say it is to keep going.

The women I have spoken to have all experienced some sort of struggle that they had to push through - for some it was personal, for others it was related to their careers, relationships, or health. Each one of these women has taught me the value of perseverance. Their stories have made me feel more confident in navigating my own setbacks. Because of my guests, I know there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

This podcast has also taught me a lot about myself. The most surprising thing I’ve learned personally is that I can push my comfort zone. I have always been someone who is risk averse and I care way too much about what other people think. But with this podcast, I had to throw some of that out the window. I had to live outside my comfort zone, reach out to women I don’t know, and promote the podcast to listeners who I’ve never met! It was terrifying, but it ended up being one of my most rewarding endeavors to date.

AO: Why do you feel it is so important to highlight and recognize everyday women?

LB: Because our society is so focused on extremes, we often forget that there are extraordinary people and things in our daily (and dare I say, regular) lives. The women we live next door to, sit next to at work, and grew up with all have so much to offer, but we don’t often celebrate them. Many of the women I interview on my podcast have never been asked to tell their stories, yet so many listeners benefit from hearing what they have to say.

Everyone has an important story to share - and usually it’s the stories from people we can relate to that really help us grow.

AO: What is the impact you want to make for other women?

LB: I hope my podcast shows that every woman has value to add to the world. She doesn’t have to be rich or famous to be valuable and important. I also hope the podcast encourages all women to celebrate each other. We cannot expect to get ahead if we aren’t all on the same team. Let’s make a point of lifting up all the women in our lives!

AO: What is an activity/ habit you do with your tribe/squad? What do you value most from these women?

LB: I have so many incredible girlfriends, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them my squad. Perhaps this is a bit unconventional, but I really prefer one on one time with my friends. I LOVE going on dinner dates with my girlfriends. We spend hours chatting over wine and good food - I never want the night to end! These conversations both bring me joy and help me through tough times. What I value most about the women in my life is their willingness to stand by side and support me when I need it most. I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends!

AO: How do you support and empower women in your daily life? Who is someone that supports you?

LB: I want every woman in my life to know I support her choices and that I will always listen to her without judgment. I think it can be hard for women to let their guards down and truly share how they feel with their friends because of fear of judgment. I want the women in my life to know that they can tell me ANYTHING and I will be there to help them, cheer them on, cry with them - whatever they need! But I won’t ever judge.

I have a great female support system in my life, but my mom is my #1 supporter. As I have gotten older, she has truly become my best friend. I can have margaritas with her and talk about celebrities, but I can also call her 10x/day in the middle of a crisis. I never question whether she will be there for me and I know she is always in my corner rooting for me.

AO: What is a personal/professional request you have right now?

LB: I want to know what it’s like to work for a job that is 100% remote. I’ve always thought this would be a good set up (especially for women who have a family), but I’d love to know from someone who actually does it!

AO: If there was just ONE thing you want people to fully understand about you, what would it be?

LB: This is a tough one! If I had to pick one thing it would be that I want people to know that I am trying my best. Sometimes I mess up -  I may have said something I shouldn’t have or cancelled plans or forgot to reply to someone (the list could go on) - but I am always trying my best to be kind and to show up for people.

AO: What is your favorite lipstick or item that makes you feel most you?

LB: Laura Mercier lip gloss! My husband jokes about how much of it I must have digested by now because I am always re-applying it.

Tune into Lily's Podcast "Stilettos on the Ground" for bi-weekly inspirational stories and female driven conversations. Also follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on podcast episodes and new happenings!

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