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Resolutions, Intentions, Themes...Oh My!

New Year, New Decade...Same You

Happy New Year Squad! I couldn't be happier entering this new year and new decade with this community. I know the future is going to be an exciting one for us all.

We almost made it through the first full week of 2020! Phew!

We talked about our resolutions in the Facebook group: move more, purchase a home for the first time, spend more time with the girls/tribe, self-care, self-love, and so many other great resolutions. Personally, I like to come up with intentions or themes for my year. Some of my past themes have been faith, fitness, community, relationships, and travel. I keep my chosen themes in the back of my subconscious in order to act through them each day. For example in 2017, I joined a crossfit gym (shoutout to Crossfit 13 Stars) and paid for a year in full to ensure not only was I going to be devoted to getting back in shape, but I would engage with a new (awesome!) community. Since, then I haven't looked back and know I am the strongest I've ever been and also have a cool group of like-minded friends that I see almost everyday (rest day is important!).

However this year, after speaking with my coach, I realized that my past themes were driven from just that...the past. With a new year and especially a new decade upon us, we talked about approaching this year's themes from a place in the future. So I asked myself...how does myself at 50 want this year, 2020 and the next decade, to go for my thirties? I immediately felt empowered and invigorated with the choice to decide on my themes with my future self in mind. Previously, I always felt like my themes were something I had to work on, grow in, or become better at. Not this year! NOT 2020!

New year...new decade...new approach!

What themes did I decide on you ask? Curious to see where I am going with this? Ok, so my themes for 2020:

1. Impulsivity

2. Risk

3. Chaos

These are definitely a far cry from what I originally had planned, which was more of the same road I had been running on...working, growing, bettering. My themes are even a bit shocking and wildly atypical this year. I feel rebellious and a tad bit mischievous even writing them now. I have some BIG milestones I am shooting for this year and this decade, I wanted my themes to reflect the direction I am going and embrace the uncomfortable.

I am SUCH a perfectionist/planner. This year I want to embrace impulsivity, risk, and chaos fully. Trust myself to act more without thinking through and planning every single little step in every situation down to the last detail. I am excited to see where these themes take me. I feel ready to take on new experiences while being focused on the person I am putting out into the world.

I am taking a stand for myself with my themes. Through embracing impulsivity, risk, and chaos I stand to create new opportunities in the world. I stand to further empower and support women. I want to expand into the chaos and thrive from that place.

I always love the beginning of a new year. I love seeing how each of you reflect on the past and create resolutions and intentions for your future self. If this is the year for you to embrace the new year, new you...heck I love that and support it! I challenge you to think about how your future drives what you do today. Simply thinking about my themes from the future, I have found a new excitement to approach situations and act. Whatever you decide, shout it out! Take your stand and let us as a community support you in every way.

Our community is roaring and thriving! If you haven't already join the conversation in our private Facebook group. Follow on Instagram! Make sure to subscribe here on the website. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for this community and I can't wait to see how we continue to grow in numbers and empower each other daily!

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