• Amanda Olivo

The value of Mindful Moments

Taking time for fleeting seconds.

A few months ago I had the unique privilege of getting to sit down and speak with two women from work that are survivors of ovarian cancer. As a part of the women's group at work we were interviewing V. and MA. (abbreviated for privacy) to gain a personal insight on their experience being diagnosed and fighting ovarian cancer. (September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month) An interview that was originally only going to last around an hour, became an over three hour conversation and connection that has stayed with me deeply since. We were four women in a room connecting, embracing each other vulnerabilities, and learning we all had so much more in common then when we first walked in. V. and MA. both had uniquely different experiences surviving ovarian cancer. They had moments of fear, moments of laughter in times of struggle and unknown, and moments of clarity. To watch V. and MA. connect when finding out they had the same oncologist, did chemotherapy in the same hospital, and find so much commonality during their journey was an incredibly beautiful moment that I felt honored to witness.

During these three hours, I listened, I shed tears, I laughed, and was so deeply moved by their stories of strength and sheer toughness to fight for life. There was so much beauty is their type of strength. After speaking about their specific journeys both V. and MA. discussed all their bucket list items they weren't waiting to accomplish anymore. V. discussed how her and her husband just bought a small farm and how she was looking forward to buying animals and also being closer to family. MA. talked all about her beautiful beach house she bought and how she now wanted to buy a llama because they brought her so much joy. While both were tackling big dreams, V. as a survivor and thriver from ovarian cancer said she takes more time to appreciate and take in mindful moments. Small moments to appreciate the very small beautiful occurrences in her day. Clear blue skies. A lady bug landing on your hand. The perfect sunset. A child's jovial giggle. Small moments, mindful moments, in which you take a second to just appreciate that exact second in your life.

A perfect fleeting second to experience, embrace your life, and be thankful for it.

I have since started to acknowledge and take more time in my own life for mindful moments. I take a few seconds longer to look at sunsets. (check that GORGEOUS picture!) Appreciate a warm breeze when I am walking outside from one building to another for a meeting. An encouraging text from a family member or friend. All of these moments are the moments that end up mattering. Taking these moments of time has afforded me more time to just appreciate all that is my life. Despite some really crappy times, struggling days and even whole years that just seem grey, each of us can still give ourselves more mindful moments. In this we can realize just truly how strong we are and how much we have already survived...and lead us to a place where we can even thrive.

Enjoy each and every of your mindful moments today and everyday. I would love to hear about them and definitely see pictures (if you so chose to take one)!

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