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Welcome to Your Morning Lipstick!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! I couldn't be more exited to be bringing Your Morning Lipstick to your lives. Whether you are young, older, single, married, step-parent, just starting college, mom, fur-parent, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ+, have a disability, survived a disease, a business owner, stay-at-home parent, all religious beliefs, all cultures....welcome to what I hope becomes a community for you.

I created Your Morning Lipstick because I come from a long line of strong, fierce, women. I also grew up in a family mainly comprised of women. I am an older sister, the oldest of five all female grandchildren on my maternal side, and on my paternal side I have seven first female cousins. We are a loud bunch. My mom has always said "it takes a village," and besides our family we have surrounded ourselves with a group of supportive rockstar women. Long story short...empowering women is in my DNA.

Thanksgiving 2013 with my family. My late maternal grandmother, aunts, all my first cousins, and a few other second cousins! A lot of unique beautiful women all in one family!

I believe deep in my core that when women support each other we are unstoppable.

In the current climate of our society, I have never felt more empowered or passionate about bringing women together to discuss, support, and act on topics we care deeply about.

In the next few months, as Your Morning Lipstick begins to grow, I am excited about covering a diverse set of topics for us to discuss. Self-love, women's empowerment, leadership in the workplace, career advice, family, diversity, health and fitness, etc. I hope to include advice and guidance from women I know and my own experience in each area. I will be posting on topics weekly, but hope to include interviews, guest post, videos, etc in the future.

Are you ready to find an extended sisterhood/tribe/squad? Let's GO!

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